A few years ago, my life looked a lot like yours.  

You want to eat well and be “healthy,” but there’s so much confusion around what that really means.

You drink the occasional green juice, and go to yoga a few times a month.

You subscribe to Well & Good and follow Deepak Chopra on twitter.

But you rarely apply anything you learn to your everyday life. You’ve become a creature of habit--habits that you didn't necessarily choose, but were inherited from family and friends, or through the pitfalls of convenience.

Every celebrity doctor, fitness instructor, and vaginal steam spa operator seems to have an opinion on how you’re supposed to lose ten pounds and live disease-free for all eternity. 

But so few of them offer sustainable solutions. A 30-day plan for weight loss, yes. But an on-going strategy for healthy hedonism? Not so much. And you just don’t have time to sort through all the conflicting information.  

Yet, despite all these wellness woes, you deeply care about setting your body up for success and realize that it’s probably time to start taking back some of the control.

Given your busy schedule, you probably will never become the type of staunch DIY-er that spends all your free time making shea butter soap and homemade kefir.

You want to find a happy medium—to discover what it really takes to be well. 

And not just to be healthy on paper, but to feel well—to do right by your body without giving up your life.

I get it. 

After I was diagnosed with Hashimoto Thyroiditis in my 20s, I swung back and forth between denial and doing nothing, and feeling like my health was a full-time job that left very little room for living.

I was completely overwhelmed by my doctor’s strict protocols and felt like a failure every time I enjoyed a bloody Mary at brunch or breathed the toxic fumes at my favorite nail salon.  

A rock bottom that involved adrenal burnout, unfortunate face rashes and gasp-worthy antibody levels led to my yearlong health odyssey, The Wellness Project.

Making one change, one month at a time taught me so much about the pursuit of balance. You can find some of these “life recipes” in my book, along with the full story of how I found the middle ground between health and hedonism.

Now it’s my mission to hold your hand and show you how to do it too... 

So you can cut through all the noise in the wellness world.

Find out what practices are really worth your time, money and energy.

And implement the changes that will have the biggest impact on your life.

Consider this program a lightning fast wellness project on herbal steroids!

During our 4 weeks together you’ll learn how to:

  • Jump start your liver with a mini vice detox

  • Tap into the emotional and physical sources of your cravings

  • Batch cook and meal prep like a boss

  • Work more manageable movement into your busy day

  • Feed your skin from the inside out and outside in

  • Manage daily stress, so you don’t start the year with a face covered in anxiety acne

  • Finally get to the bottom of food sensitivities with an elimination diet

 You’ll also get these powerful exclusive resources:

  • My new symptom and activity tracker worksheet (that covers all the wellness bases)

  • 20 original (easy, gluten-free, comforting, seasonal, tasty AF) recipes, shopping lists and tips on how to batch cook them from week to week

  • *NEW* an optional low FODMAP or plant-based meal plan track so all dietary restrictions are covered

  • A video series of simple pelvic floor exercises, doable desk stretches, and lymphatic massage techniques

  • 1 mid-point live video group coaching call

  • On-going support and cheerleading from me in a private Facebook group

  • A band of new healthy hedonist homies to provide accountability along the way

So many people are battling their bodies and looking to others for answers. My hope is that this program shows you that wellness is really a journey within.


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One of the under-appreciated truths in the wellness world today is that change is fucking hard

The struggle is real.

During these 4 weeks, my hope is that you’ll get rid of some of the shame and guilt that comes with trying to makeover your life.  

You’ll quit with the “I should’s.”

You’ll build a self-care toolkit.

You’ll find strategies that are sustainable.

You’ll realize that resolutions are no longer productive or necessary. 

When you find your own sweet spot between health and hedonism, you will naturally:

  •  Settle at a sustainable place on your scale

  •  Have more energy

  • Eliminate unfortunate digestive issues

  • Get clear, glowing skin

  •  Wake up excited to take on the world

In addition to all of this (and because of it), you’ll jump start your thyroid and give your liver a much-needed reboot.  You’ll reduce inflammation.  And you’ll quiet your internal (bloodwork) and external (skin) chaos. 

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR YOUR BODY’S back to school reboot this fall!


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The 4 Weeks to Wellness course is completely online. The Friday before the session start date, you’ll receive access to the program materials and some preliminary pre-prep homework.

Each week has a macro theme, similar to how each month of The Wellness Project had a different focus or pain point. Each day will include a small baby step to get you closer to your goal. And each week-long leg will include 5 original recipes to help support your progress through whole food nutrition.

The road map will be laid out for you from the get-go, and you’ll receive daily emails for accountability. The meat of the program—the community, the coaching, the videos—will be housed on Facebook.

The online support and accountability group is an amazing resource, especially if you have questions. You’ll check in with me every day so we can track your progress together, and share your small victories!  

Each program will include a mid-point LIVE video chat to share your progress and ask questions face to face. 



“Phoebe makes her material accessible to a range of people, stylistically and conceptually. She breaks through our cultural perception that becoming a yogi and only eating spirulina is “balance”—because as she continually points out—that’s not balance. It’s another extreme. Phoebe tells us that we need to find the personal sweet spot between what is healthy for the soul and what is healthy for the body.” --Kathleen

“There is not an ounce of pretension or fad diet nonsense here. This is real eating for a healthy and happy body/mind/soul with great easy to follow recipes that will become happy staples in your routine!” --Jenna

"This program has been such a refreshing support during a time when health and self-care often take a backseat to holiday festivities. Learning how energized my body is without incessant servings of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol has been incredibly motivating. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the team’s honesty, humor, and empathy!" --Alex

"In just two weeks I've made some necessary lifestyle changes in a healthy way. Getting sugar out of my diet cleared up my face, cleaning out the fridge and pantry helped me make better choices, and my makeup options are better for my overall wellbeing. All this is done with a great group of people supporting me each step of the way. If you need to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle, make this one-month commitment. You won't regret it." --Geena

"Phoebe has done a great job of providing guidance, and the group has been incredibly supportive of one another. It’s so empowering to be a part of this right now."  --Tess

"The first few days of the vice detox were tough but knowing how good I felt after day three, there is no turning back."  -- Katherine

"Phoebe's program has been really user-friendly: she is so supportive and totally understands how hard forming healthy habits can be. I feel better already!"  -- Sophia

Still need more info? Here are some a's to your q's...

What is the deal with the meal plans? 

So, confession....I HATE MEAL PLANS. When I see elaborate charts for what I need to eat 4 times a day in health books my palms start to sweat. This is not that kind of course. Instead, I give you 5 original recipes each week for you to batch cook. There’s a shopping list, pantry list, and most importantly, a game plan for how to make these dishes in one or two cooking sessions. This is what I’m best at.

There will be no obscure ingredients, no unrealistic amount of time spent in the kitchen, and no one will be telling you when or how to eat each dish. This course exists within the parameters of the real world and assumes you’re a big enough girl or boy to feed yourself the rest of the way. 

How is the curriculum organized and delivered?

The 4 Weeks to Wellness (4W2W) curriculum is broken up into weekly and daily challenges. Weekly PDF packets will be delivered every Friday to your inbox during the program so you have the weekend to read through the modules. Those packets include valuable information on each week’s theme, worksheets to help you easily execute the lifestyle change at hand, and 5 recipes to support your nutrition each week.

Short daily emails will land in your inbox Monday through Friday, and accompanying videos (when applicable) will be housed on Facebook. You’ll receive the course cookbook at the beginning of the program in case you want to get a head start on your grocery shopping! 

I’m recently post-partum: how will this affect my participation?

I’ve gotten this question quite a bit. Of course, the program will not wipe away the fact that there’s a tiny human in your life who wants to be fed and attended to, and may stand in your way of a good night’s sleep. What it will do is help you recommit to yourself in ways that is sorely lacking in post-partum how-to’s which are mostly about the baby.

Post-partum clients have said that their favorite aspect about the program is the meal planning. The recipes are easy to execute in advance during naptimes, and it takes a lot of the mental headache of cooking off the table during a time when there’s not a whole lot of mental energy to spare.

If I’m a vegetarian, will there be enough for me to eat?

YES. The recipes are 90 percent plants, but we've recently added a totally plant-based e-cookbook option, with shopping lists and step-by-step instructions to make sure you're not missing a thing. This menu is also perfect if you’re trying to experiment with less animal protein.

I’m in college: will there be a lot of homework?

 The program focuses on small, simple changes that can have a big impact over time. My goal is for you to find it completely manageable and sustainable. The most time-consuming aspect will be cooking, and I’ve tried to make this as painless, streamlined, and simple as possible, without forgoing creativity and flavor. Plus, there are no exams! 

I’m a member of the #HashiPosse: will this course help?

The course isn’t specifically designed for Hashimoto’s peeps – only about 15 percent of past participants have had a thyroid issue. But the curriculum is modeled after the year-long game plan I took on to heal my own Hashimoto’s, so I feel confident saying that it will be a big step in the right direction.

The underlying cause of so many women not feeling their best is a hidden hormone imbalance, so while I’m not super overt about this course being about balancing hormones...the vice detox, the product pantry purge, the focus on gentle restorative movement—is all about balancing hormones!

What type of diet do the recipes stick to?

All recipes are free of gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, GMO soy, and processed sugars. If you require additional modifications for allergies, we will address this at the beginning and offer some adaptations. Recently, we added an additional e-cookbook for those following a low FODMAP diet

I’ve read The Wellness Project. How will the course be different?

So far, the majority of past clients have read the book, and found the course materials to be a helpful refresher and redux. While most of the heavy-hitting health information is woven throughout the book in personal narrative, 4W2W distills and organizes it into practical modules and gives you a set framework for how to apply new practices to your life from day to day and week to week. 

Can I do the course if I don’t have Facebook?  

In short, yes. All the materials are delivered via email each week, and each daily challenge will also arrive in your inbox each morning. But you will be missing out on the community element, which I think would be a shame. You can always create a dummy account or unpause your account for the 4 weeks and ignore everything else happening on the network. 

Do you offer payment plans?  

We don’t want the cost to be prohibitive and have done our best to create flexible ways to make it work, including a 3-month pay over time option. If you are dying to do the program but are a student or someone struggling with budget woes, I offer a limited number of discount codes per session. Email me info@thewellnessproject.com to see if you’re eligible for one. We also offer the option to gift

How about gift certificates?

Want to give the good health? The 4 Weeks to Wellness Course makes for a fabulous (and thoughtful) gift for a whole variety of occasions. Birthdays (duh) but also for new moms looking to get back into the swing of things, recent grads trying to do a little detox after final exams and papers, or brides to be who want to get into wedding shape without the unhealthy expectations of today’s diet culture. To make your purchase into a gift, simply forward your confirmation to info@thewellnessproject.com. We offer an e-card option to make your gift extra special, and your loved one will have up to 1 year to use their credit towards any future session of the program.

The book was all about me and my story. I'm truly so excited to be able to turn the experience into something really practical that can help you find your own brand of balance, whatever that may be.