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wouldn't it be wonderful if we had all our meals taken care of?

if we didn't have to worry about sticking with our healthy eating habits throughout the week or resorting to last minute takeout?

if we could become our own private chef without becoming a slave to the stove? 


We are so busy juggling office fire drills, decompressing with the latest Netflix binge, and squeezing in quality time with friends away from the couch that we don’t always make the time to feed ourselves well.

Luckily, I have your back. 

In my 8 years of experience cooking professionally for others, I've become a master of making many meals in just a few hours. And after my own diagnosis of Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, I figured out how to incorporate these tactics into my own hectic life as a chef and author, where time is a premium and there's no one else paying the grocery bill.

my game-changing guide will teach you how to cook smarter, not harder through:

  • Time-saving shopping strategies and and budgeting tips
  • Responsible recipe planning
  • Healthy pantry essentials
  • Hard and fast rules at the butcher and seafood counter
  • Picking the best produce and batch prepping it
  • Last-minute meal additions
  • Putting it all together for lasting success

batch cooking is one of the simplest things you can do to set yourself up for successful healthy eating all week long.

Learn to be your own private chef,

without becoming a slave to the stove

You already know what it feels like to order Thai takeout (again) or eat hummus and chips on the couch and call it dinner.  Experience the freedom of cooking on Sunday and eating well all week long.  

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Simplified meal prep is within reach, even if you’ve never been able to stick with a habit of home cooking before.  

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