You’re a young, busy, professional woman.

You are strong and smart and saving for the future.  

You want to eat well and live a healthier lifestyle, but there’s so much confusion about what “healthy” really means.


You just don’t have time to sort through all the conflicting information on what a healthy diet truly entails.  Doctors—who don’t even agree with each other—will tell you something totally different from nutritionists, who will tell you something different from dieticians.


Who do you believe?


After a Hashimoto’s diagnosis in my 20s, I couldn’t get on board with the unsustainable protocols my doctor gave me.  I wanted to do everything I could to live a healthy life, but I wanted to find the balance of truly LIVING my life.  This led to a year long search of lifestyle practices and discoveries.  I learned so much and found the healthy balance I needed.


And I’m sharing the best of it with you!


So you can cut through the confusion.

Learn what a healthy lifestyle looks like for you.

Implement the changes that will have the biggest impact on your life.


My Wellness Program will help you learn:

  • Whole food nutrition

  • How to do an elimination diet

  • Grocery list of foods to focus on

  • How to meal plan, prep, and batch cook

  • 5 delicious recipes every week


But this program goes way beyond diet (that’s just the first week)!  We’ll also learn:

  • Self-care products

    • How to detox your product pantry

  • Movement and back pain management

    • Yoga and Pilates

  • Sleep and stress management


During our 4 weeks together you will learn what a truly healthy lifestyle means, and how to make it work for you—so you can keep LIVING your life!  Because all the education and good intentions in the world don’t matter if they aren’t sustainable.  


Register today for the Nov. 27th round for just $150.  


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You’ll get rid of the shame and guilt that come with taking a proactive approach to better health.

You’ll quit with the “I shoulds.”

You’ll build a toolkit in a way that rules are no longer necessary.  

You’ll live intuitively.


When you start living this way, you will naturally (and quickly!):

  • Lose weight

  • Have more energy

  • Eliminate digestive issues, including bloating

  • Wake up with energy and excitement to take on the world

  • Have clear, glowing skin


In addition to all of this, you’ll also feel more positive and emotionally stable.  You’ll jump start your thyroid.  You’ll increase your antibodies.  You’ll reduce inflammation.  You’ll be truly healthy from the inside out!


Join me for the most powerful 4 weeks of your life!  Register today for just $150.  We start Nov. 27th, so don’t miss this opportunity!


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Our online support and accountability group is an amazing resource, especially if you have questions.  You’ll check in with me every day so we can track your progress together, and so you can share your victories!  


Are you curious what others have to say?


“Lapine makes her material accessible to a range of people, stylistically and conceptually. She breaks through our cultural perception that becoming a yogi and only eating spirulina is “balance”—because as Lapine continually points out—that’s not balance. It’s another extreme. She tells us that we need to find the personal sweet spot between what is healthy for the soul and what is healthy for the body.”



“There is not an ounce of pretension or fad diet nonsense here. This is real eating for a healthy and happy body/mind/soul! Great easy to follow recipes that will become happy staples in your routine.”

--Jenna L


If you’d like to join them—and hundreds more just like them—then don’t wait.  Every journey, even a health journey, begins with the first step.  So take your first step now and register for My Wellness Program.  For only $150 you can start your journey and live a healthy life full of balance and delicious food.


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Learn how to do right by your body without giving up your life!