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You’re lucky in that healthy living comes naturally to you. You subscribe to the best resources and are always on the cutting edge of the latest trendy superfoods and workouts. If a doctor or expert gives you a piece of advice, you have no problem implementing it and taking new habits for a test drive. 

People with different wellness personality types are always marveling at your willpower and ability to fit so many healthy practices into your busy days. If you decide to give up sugar, there’s no amount of peer pressure or homemade cookies in the world that can deter you from that choice. You find pleasure in committing to your health goals, no matter how restrictive they are, and genuinely enjoy trying new things. 

Sometimes when you’re not in control of your surroundings or are subjected to other people’s eating habits, you worry about how imperfect circumstances will affect your long-term health. But luckily, you can trust in your ability to make up for it tomorrow. 

The wellness warrior’s biggest strengths:

  • Genuine enthusiasm for exploring the world of wellness
  • Tenacious commitment to sticking with good health habits
  • Well informed and down to try new things

Biggest growth edges for wellness warriors:

  • Tendency to overspend on wellness-related products and experiences 
  • Can jump on trends without discernment 
  • Fixating on one ingredient or practice can lead to OD-ing or exhaustion
  • Health-related perfectionism 

How do you use your personality to your advantage? 

The flip side of being consistent with your commitments to healthy habits is that you risk overdoing it. When a wellness warrior is out of balance, it can mean they become overly reliant on their health routines for moral support and stability. This can leave little wiggle room for growth or tuning into what your body actually needs in the moment. It can also mean you tend to fixate on certain ingredients in your repertoire and forget that the best thing for a healthy diet is nutrient diversity. 

You have no problem investing in your health, as you believe there’s no better way to spend money than supporting your body. When you hear of a new product that sounds interesting, you immediately jump on the Amazon train. But you have to be careful that your wellness budget is not becoming a burden on your overall financial health. Try to leave room for other ways to spend on your fun. 

Those who oscillate towards the extreme side of a wellness warrior personality need to be careful that their behavior doesn’t border on Orthorexia. Perfectionism can get in the way of good health, so be careful not to overly worry about your choices when they diverge from what you decide is “good.” When you stray from perfect, give yourself a break. 

Three things to try this week:

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1. Choose a rest day. 

Wellness warriors tend to feel anxious when they stray from their routines. But rest does the body good, and a growth area to lean into is rewriting the narrative that we have to be playing offense all the time to be healthy. Instead of muscling through another workout or flooding your diet with powders and supplements, take a day to just be. Go for a walk, enjoy a bath. Rely on the power of good old fashioned whole foods to make you feel whole. 

2. Design a monthly wellness slush fund. 

Most people have trouble budgeting money for their self-care, but not you! This week, tally up everything you’ve spent in the last month on health, from daily juices to personal care products to gym memberships to supplements. Remember that the building blocks of healthy living (aside from investing in good quality food sources) are for the most part, FREE. Cut the fat on your health budget and see if you can commit for one month to funnel your Moon Dust money into something else that will lift your spirit: concert tickets, a piece of art, a gag gift for a friend. 

3. Diversify your diet. 

As a creature of habit, you tend to go through phases in your diet when you eat the same thing every day. Until, perhaps, you reach a breaking point and have completely OD-ed. Make it your mission this week to eat something different for lunch every day. If you’re brown bagging leftovers, find ways to vary them, adding a few new ingredients at each sitting. The idea is to eat the rainbow, not the supplement aisle.  

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